Designing and upgrading our own motor fleet for maximum flexibility.

Our performance motor lines provide industry-leading performance and reliability for the challenges of today’s drilling demands. Our fleet is built around our customers’ needs, from sealed bearings for air drilling to mud lubed bearings with high strength forged mandrels and proprietary power sections to improve overall performance. Designing and maintaining our motor fleet allows maximum application flexibility for specific operator demands while ensuring full traceability and quality control. Our SourcePR™ provides utilization based proactive component retirement to minimize failures downhole and dramatically reduce NPT.


Robust and industry proven technology to maximize in-zone drilling.

Integrity Directional continues to expand our MWD platform with robust, industry proven technology to provide precise measurements for maximum in-zone drilling. Our approach utilizes key vendors who are widely considered the best in the business for a given component, essentially creating a hybrid tool comprised of nothing but the highest specification tool strings available. We own and operate both Pulse and EM tools with in-house R&M operations to insure quality control and application suitability.


On-demand targeted RSS solutions for specific operator needs.

Integrity Directional has key vendor relationships to deliver a suite of rotary steerable system (RSS) options targeted to specific operator demands. This allows us to employ technology best suited to the application instead of relying on a single solution.

Predictive Operational Solutions

Your SOURCE™ tracking, analyzing and otpimizing your drilling integration.

Cloud based system for directional service operations including personnel, equipment and applications. Captures "clean data" enabling near real time communications and historical reference for statistical analysis.

Reduce Non-Productive Time SOURCE™ tracks surveys, slide vs. rotating to provide visualization of real-time performance vs. plan. Allows us to upload anti-collision paths and create a plot view with multiple wells. Make better drilling decisions with real-time data and reduce NPT.

Personnel Management SOURCE™ enables tracking of training, experience, and workload of our employees. Additionally, serves to measure individual performance and dramatically improved intra company communications.

Predictive Asset Tracking SOURCE™ allows us to track and manage assets real-time throughout our entire operation. This integration enables us to reduce NPT by using data-driven decisions on the best equipment for the well based on asset usage history.

Continuous Improvement Analytics Our SourceCIA™ service measures directional service operations by consolidating data feeds from field operations, personnel, asset, and EDR. The SOURCE™ system provides influential post well reports that aggregate field analysis to identify statistically relevant trends. Dramatically improving customer communication and directing actionable continuous improvement.